Netflix offers a free mobile subscription

This is the first time that the video-on-demand service has been subscribed to in the United States. Netflix advertisement Launching a free – and still ad-free – subscription allowing users to enjoy content from the platform on their Android smartphones.

Deployment begins this week in Kenya. When registering, users will not need to enter any payment information. They will only need to provide an email address and confirm they are of legal age, then create a password.

Almost a quarter of Netflix content will be available as part of this free mobile subscription. The entire series and the most popular movies on the platform, with personalized recommendations, parental controls and profiles including for kids.

Kind of a pre-paid subscription experience?

However, some functions such as downloading will be absent. Netflix does not hide its purpose:

It’s a great way to learn about our services. If you like what you see, it’s easy to upgrade to one of our paid plans to enjoy the full catalog on your TV or laptop.

In the past, Netflix tried the free trial for a month, and sometimes offered the content for free.

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