Netflix series “The game of the lady” will soon be available in the game on smartphone?

Tens of millions around the world have watched the amazing and exciting series “The Game of the Lady” on Netflix. On the occasion of two years of the program, the streaming service can reserve a small surprise for fans. In fact, a recent discovery shows that Netflix will secretly be working on “games” mods for its popular series.

Netflix could capitalize on the success of its series once again, despite the fact that it has ended

According to a report by whats-on-netflixThe famous series Mrs. game could be soon adapt in the game For the upcoming launch day iOS And the robot. If the site has progressed on this topic, it is mainly because strong evidence has just emerged. Netflix brand “The Queen’s Gambit” (program name in original version) In the category of goods and services registered as “Downloadable game software“.

When we know Netflix’s intention to shine in the smartphone gaming segment, we necessarily make contact with a small catalog of games origins And exclusive products made by the American giant.

netflix queens game

It’s clear that she is impossible Learn more about the game’s content and availability on iPhone and Android smartphones. However, this may happen in the next few months, because it cannot be ruled out that the development of the game has already begun several months before Trademark registration.

A game about this series can be a real wealth As for the “Netflix Gaming” section that’s been around for a while, the streaming service is currently unable to attract subscribers who (for the majority) don’t yet know that Netflix has started gaming on smartphones.

As a reminder, the string was a file inspiration For millions of people who have seen chess games as boring. Many realized that it was finally a file great game with potential competitor For those who managed to perform.
A few days after the series was launched Mrs. gamesalesChess Boards on Amazon Traffic exploded It reached unprecedented records since the site was created.

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