Netflix: Three Anime is back on show now

Netflix animation revamped: The VoD service provider brought back two series and a movie after removing them from the catalog a few months ago.

Three animations are available again

Titles that are available immediately again are the first two seasons of “Sword art online”, Den Original-Anime Guilty Crown As well as the movie Steins Gate – the movie «. All three animations can be streamed again with German and Japanese audio output.

Netflix withdrew “Steins; Gate – The Movie” on October 31, 2020, followed by “Guilty Crown” on December 19, 2020. “Sword Art Online” seasons were canceled on December 31, 2020. The license for all titles has expired and is now renewed.

In addition to the three on-demand animations again starting today, Netflix is ​​adding three more series to its show this month. In addition, the provider will remove seven titles from their catalog in February 2021. You can see what is under the available links.

Back on Netflix:

Sword Art Online (seasons 1 and 2)

The first two seasons of “Sword art online” Now available again on Netflix. The series in this country was based on the anime mint DVD and Blu-ray Chest.


Student Kirito was allowed to test the beta version of the role-playing game Sword Art Online. Like many others, he can’t wait for the game to finally launch online. The special thing about it: Thanks to what’s called NerveGear, you can completely immerse yourself in the medieval virtual world called Aincrad. As one of 10,000 players, Kirito excitedly wanders the world of Sword Art Online shortly after his start – until he realizes he can no longer sign out.

What at first glance seemed like a mistake turned out to be quite intentional: the game developer announced that no one can leave this virtual world until the bosses of all 100 levels are defeated. And: if you die in the game, you will lose your life as well in reality!

Guilty Crown

The original anime consisting of 22 parts Guilty Crown Produced by IG is also available again on Netflix. This title was also based on the mint anime DVD and Blu-ray Published.


Japan in 2039: Since the country was struck by a devastating virus ten years ago, it has come under the control of an organization called GHQ. Only “Undertaker” is fighting for the independence of Japan and against the arbitrary oppression of the population. This rebel group also includes the mysterious singer Inori. While escaping from GHQ, she meets high school student Shu Ouma, who has to watch Inori being kidnapped while she is faint.

When he takes the strange thing, which the girl wanted to protect, he gains what is called “the power of a king.” With this unique power to snatch weapons from people’s hearts, Shu has to decide: Does he want to fight? And if so, to which side?

Steins Gate – the movie «

Besides the two strings with Steins Gate – the movie « Also a movie that returned to the Netflix show. However, Linked Chain is not currently available on the platform. It remains unclear if this will change in the future.


After the events of the Steins; Gate, Rintarou is plagued with memories of the various timetables he visited. When one day suddenly he disappears and only Chorisu remembers it, it’s up to her to find out what happened …

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