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Web light Testing one New feature Call Clips, Which allows you to create and share video clips of up to 60 seconds, starting with videos already uploaded to the platform, much like Twitch. This way you can share the moments that are considered the most interesting, without having to report the whole movie every time.

As mentioned, there will be one in each category Maximum duration 60 seconds and the video can be created using the clip button in the drop-down bar, which opens the entire editor with a timeline. Using it you can define the limits of the clip and share it in a variety of ways Social website.

If you are interested in testing out the new feature, there is a video with the clip button already activated. You can find it Click here.

Unlike Twitz, the clips created on YouTube are not real new videos. Basically this is the original video where a starting point, an end point and a ring are placed. Each clip allows you to instantly watch the entire complete video in one video.

Another big difference with Twitch clips is the YouTube clips They are not publicly listed Nowhere, so there will be no opportunity to explore user-created clips. You can only share them with the people you like.

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