New digital training package for district-level fire brigade training

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Digital and innovative training that combines volunteering, work and family more flexibly and thus persuades more people to participate in the fire service is one of the major concerns of the Hesse State Government with regard to the Hesse Fire Service.

Interior Minister Peter Booth confirmed this on the occasion of the introduction of new digital equipment packages for training fire brigades at the district level. Provinces, independent cities and cities with special status can now apply to the state of Hesse for funding of up to €19,000 to receive not only laptops and cameras for e-learning applications, but also special virtual reality glasses and software needed for courses at the provincial level.

“The State Fire School is constantly expanding its digital offerings and adding the latest technology innovations. With the expansion of digital training opportunities district-wide, we support comrades who can get theoretical content in self-learning stages from home. Of course, trainers accompany them digitally to receive answers to potential questions. Immediately.Content related to the practice will become increasingly digital and innovative in the future.Tactics can be practiced using VR glasses in simulations that create a detailed picture of reality and thendiscussed online with a rink coach.For Hessian fire brigades,the Interior Minister Peter Booth said, This opens up entirely new opportunities in training and advanced training at the district level.

Virtual reality is particularly suitable for virtual exercises with case studies in the Dangerous Goods Area (GABC Training), where managers can receive realistic training without much preparation. The country is providing a total of more than 640,000 euros for digital equipment packages for the training of fire brigades at the provincial level.

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“Extensive training and additional education opportunities are essential so that the Hessan fire brigade can provide rapid and effective assistance and free citizens in need from dangerous situations. With the vast expansion of digital and virtual training opportunities, we are taking major strides toward training for the modern, entry-level fire services of the future, and in At the same time a role model for other federal states,” says Peter Booth.

State Fire School Awarded for Concept

The Hessian State Fire Brigade School (HLFS) has been offering the Group Leader course since 2018 as an e-learning variant that combines online and face-to-face stages. With the new concept, HLFS won the E-Learning Award 2020 from E-Learning Magazine in the “Blended Learning” category.

“The award for this highly effective and innovative project has confirmed once again that we will rely on face-to-face events in training our fire service members, particularly since we can provide fire service members with significantly more training and more training positions. The change from face-to-face learning with drills The simultaneous practicality and flexibility of online learning represents the best possible combination for us. The blended learning concept is therefore an ideal addition to our face-to-face courses,” said Home Secretary Peter Booth.

Encouraging training and volunteering

The Hessian state government is not only promoting the training of fire brigades in online teaching: construction is currently underway to expand the HLFS in Kassel into a modern training center for the fire brigade. Hessen is already investing about 16 million euros in training for HLFS fire service personnel in Kassel and its subsidiary, the Youth Fire Service Training Center in Marburg.

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In the field of volunteering, the state has significantly expanded the range of its offerings in recent years and expanded the culture of recognition. Hessen now invests about €3.2 million annually, of which €2.4 million is used to pay the appreciation bonus to fire and disaster protection workers over the long term. In addition, the state invests in the promotion of school and integration projects, in fire protection education materials that are provided free of charge to fire brigades throughout Hessen, in the starter package for fire brigade candidates and in the campaign “1 + 1 = 2 – Strong Relationship” The state promotes a better work-life balance.

(Text: Prime Minister Hesian Ministry of Interior and Sports)

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