New emojis are everywhere far from Microsoft’s promise

Microsoft has promised more than 1,800 new 3D emoji for Windows 11 and its other services. It’s now available as an Insider build, but it doesn’t quite match the promise.

Promised 3D Emoji for Windows 11

Promised 3D Emoji for Windows 11

The launch of Windows 11 is somewhat chaotic. If we put aside performance issues, One can get close to the promised and absent functions when launching the system. The Android apps will have to wait until 2022, for example And the promised emojis are not there yet.

In the middle of summer, Microsoft already revealed Over 1,800 new 3D emojis for Windows, Teams and Office. Since then, much of Microsoft’s marketing campaign, especially on social networks, has revolved around these new 3D emojis. These were emojis So far absent from Windows 11 at its launch.

A disappointing 2D version on Insider

Microsoft published a file Builds 22478 from Windows 11 in version from the inside In the dev channel. The main novelty of this Builds It is the integration of the first batch of new emojis, and there has been a disappointment for fans of the small icons.

Windows 11: New emojis are too simple, and far from what Microsoft promised

The emojis that Windows 11 will eventually get will be 2D. We reserve certain ideas for designing the 3D versions, but emojis inevitably lose a significant amount of volume compared to what was originally promised.

Obviously, in the face of Microsoft’s marketing campaign, there is little difference in perception.

Tell us what’s your new emoji # Windows 11 Emojis make you feel without using emojis. We’ll start first: the stars twinkling in our eyes.

– Windows September 2, 2021

This is ultimately what we can learn from the situation. Le problème n’est pas tant que les nouveaux émojis sont décevants, ça reste de simples petites images servant à nos communications et ce n’est clairement pas l’élément le plus important d’un système, mais plutôme de communication de problè , a second. Brandon LeBlanc, Program Director from the insideHe wanted to defend himself from a fraud attempt by Microsoft and blamed the problem on a simple mistake: the marketing department had used the wrong images for Windows. Feeling deceived is never nice.

No, they did not deceive you. You are exaggerating this a bit. They simply used the wrong graphics. Sorry about that. We will make sure that they use the right people moving forward.

– Brandon LeBlanc (@brandonleblanc) October 15 2021

Communication problems are nothing new at Microsoft, but while the company appears to have improved on this point in recent years, Looks like they’re back since Windows 11 was announced.

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