New Media Art Festival CIVA: “Social Distancing – Virtual Connectivity”

With CIVA, Vienna hosts a new Media Art Festival inviting visitors to plunge into virtual art installations and innovative concert formats for nine days starting February 19, 2021. FM4 also participates in two special formats, Spielekammerl and Davidecks.

Written by Katharina Seidler

“Social distancing – virtual connectedness” is more than just the contemporary slogan of the former CIVA Media Arts Festival, Which will be held in virtual stages for nine days, starting February 19. The festival is very far from live broadcasts of concerts and paintings, and even the term “stages” is no longer appropriate for CIVA. It is no coincidence that it symbolizes the name of the scene Contemporary immersive virtual artIt’s about immersing yourself as deeply as possible in art projects and also being an active participant in virtual space.

Matthias K. Heshel

CIVA Festival Director Eva Fischer

CIVA was born out of a strong desire to show how current media art has been and still is: media artists deal with topics that come from the heart of society. You are questioning critically how we would treat the media that we have created ourselves. Media that shape people and social contexts. Media that annoys us sometimes ”As Eva Fischer, the festival’s director, says in an official broadcast.

Eva Fischer is by no means alien to the media art scene, as she created, nurtured and directed the sound of the much-loved Audiovisual Art Festival: A Frame in Vienna and is otherwise active as a curator and lecturer for experimental art, among other things, nationally and abroad. Indeed, Fisher says the festival itself is the best example of the benefits and importance of what is digital and virtual, because few members of the organizing team have never met each other physically, yet together they put together an extensive program.

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CIVA Festival 2021 program

CIVA Festival logo

CIVA Festival

CIVA Festival (19-27 February 2021)

All information and schedules are available at

First and foremost, the festival needs a headquarters, and CIVA even gets a full virtual festival site on Mozilla Hubs, including rooms for one-on-one meeting and chatting. In order for visitors to enter this space Rule the house OK – a measure of a safe online festival experience without cyberbullying and trolls. The topic will be on 24.2. Also covered in the context of the Committee on Freedom of Expression versus Censorship?

everybody Talks, presentations and workshops From the program is about Twitch-Kanal des Festivals Also on the festival website in a live broadcast, including for example a panel discussion on the topic “The WWW Safe Network: Strategies for Making the Internet a Better Place” on February 23. It’s 5 p.m. all Speech program It can be found here.

One of the most prominent features of the speech program is that it covers several dates Von Epic Games workshop. 20 participants can learn about the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3D tool, which is mainly used in console and computer games development; Registration required.

Siva Digital Festival spaces

Siva Festival

The Exhibition From the CIVA Festival with the participation of international artists, it is held entirely in a virtual space. Here you can comfortably see future-oriented virtual art on the theme of “Extended Realities and Networked Sounds” in its natural environment from the sofa; Additionally, as in the physical art space, there is also an opening tour, a tapestry, and an ending. This time you just have to take care of the drinks yourself. The gallery is based on a browser app from the game engine Unity and can be accessed with a computer, smartphone, and virtual reality headset.

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Music program

At CIVA, music is also played in the virtual space on four music nights. On the evening of the opening, on February 19, for example, you can do this Semi-crossover of the “Black Seed” compilation album by Jahson The Scientist. The album is in preparation so you walk straight through the production process. Only black musicians, producers, and visual artists work in compilation. Matthew Heitzman (Alma, Cisse’s Sons) does a performance / video the same evening with his solo project, as he deals with the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s and 1990s.

On February 26th a live broadcast session will take place at and during the Vienna Hotel am Brillantengrund Mira Lou Kovacs, Fares, Beat Wiesinger and Sixtus Bryce They group together and automatically interact with the visuals and make music for them.

At the conclusion of the festival on February 27th there is a musical night in Kiki, Crack Ignaz and Ellie Press Perform in front of a private large sized LED wall, to see live photos by Maximilian Prag.

Then of course there is the program’s two articles in association with FM4: Davidecks Special Broadcast on February 20. With Lou Asril & Maraskino and Private Spielekammerl.

FM4 Spielekammerl, February 18, 2021

One day before the opening, we say: Die FM4 Show Spielekammerl CIVA Festival goes. Connie Lee and Chris Stepovitz welcome CIVA organizers as well as Margaret Yarmann, founder of the Ludic Society in Vienna, and Thomas Wagensommerer with exciting art projects. Then the adventure game “Little Nightmares 2” continues. More information on this special game room will soon follow in a separate story.

FM4 Davidecks Episode 666

Something unusual happened at FM4 Davideck studio on Saturday, February 20, between 7 PM and 9 PM. Our colleague promised that the sound would be “sharper than normal, not sonic, a little more artful, and darker”; There are also two live shows. On the one hand, soul climbers play Le Asrill A special show where he performs his lyrics on the playing of music from the DJ set, on the other hand we expect a sinister appearance from Marashino In the binary version. The planning team tells us: “Maraskino plays live in FM4’s office, where he makes the radio, and uses the studio window as a cinematic frame, as an intentional restriction, as a buffer, where the light is set so that there is actually a very unconventional editing team.”

In the studio there is a projection layout from Pictorial work, And the visuals can be directly affected by the audience. After a lot of very similar DJ streams in the past few months, FM4 Davidecks’ 666 (yes, really!) Promises to be one that weaves a little bit of reality and fiction.

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