New Speed ​​Record on Free Mobile

New Speed ​​Record on Free Mobile

Free 5G and 4G frequency aggregation go hand in hand.

Speed ​​records are tied to the Free Mobile network. The number of subscribers of the operator today can exceed 400 MB / s in about 50 cities. According to our partner RNC Mobile, the 40th fastest speed recorded in its app currently exceeds 500Mbit/s thanks to the pooling of 4G and 5G frequencies in particular. It is expected that since the launch of the fifth generation of mobile phones, the gigabyte milestone in average downlink speed was exceeded for the first time on October 25 in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Almost 10 days later, another Free Mobile subscriber took the record by accessing the Xiaomi Poco F3, 1093.17 MB/s with a peak of 1177 MB/s. Paris.

These flow measurements come from users RNC Mobile app that you can download from Play Store. However, this record should be broken in the long run as Free announced that 5G speeds can be up to 3 times faster than 4G.

As a reminder, Univers Freebox offers you the “Logs” section. This allows you to discover the best speeds achieved by users of the RNC Mobile app across France. You can also find records in each department or region. Each time, it shows you the descending flow and the magnitudes of these records, as well as of course the cities in which they were measured.

Discover Free Mobile speed records across France and your region

Participate in map optimization and participatory recordings in Free Mobile

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You can in particular participate in the development of the sharing card and those of the Free Mobile Network Logs by Download RNC Mobile App from Play Store. Thus you can perform flow tests which will of course be integrated into the card, but the application also provides you with other functions and information.

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