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Nintendo Switch OLED New editions and insights into the new version of the Nintendo console have begun to emerge, something as interesting as this Video comparison with standard console Nintendo Prime, co-hosted with another Unboxing Of the device.

We have already seen the first unboxing from Japan, while it comes in English from Nintendo Prime and looks a bit more traditional than the previous one. However, it is very interesting to compare half of the video directly with the standard version of the Nintendo Switch.

That’s one Movies off screenSo, it is not right to increase the quality of the new OLED display because everything is filtered by video camera and then further compressed by YouTube, but you can already notice some differences between the two Nintendo Switch models in these stages.

The Nintendo Switch OLED LED is also available here, exclusively with the new model: you can find a description Brightness and contrast We need to consider the different angle of the image, but the two consoles are designed.

Even though this is what we want to see in the feature, the difference is the quality of the peak brightness and colors. Settings It directly affects the video and the screens are filmed by a video camera and not directly from the video output. Anyway, the view is really remarkable Wide display width This makes some differences with the previous model.

However, for our practical test, we see that the Nintendo Switch tried the Android Tread on OLED.

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