New world: Amazon promises free server transfer

The new world is struggling with clogged servers. Transportation should help. Source: Amazon Games

A new world is here. However, not everyone can play it yet. Many gamblers get stuck in annoying and sometimes very long queues instead of playing. Calculated wait times are sometimes in three-digit hour ranges. Ridiculous idea of ​​having to wait several days to log in. Amazon Games is also aware of this and has been adding new servers on a regular basis a few hours after launch. Meanwhile, there are 20 servers in the Central European region that are more than 8 am at the time of release.

But even this is far from enough. A few minutes ago, Amazon Games published a brand new statement on the situation in New World about today’s post and the situation on full servers. There it says that all regions are alive now and that the new world can be played almost all over the world. The past 24 hours have been amazing and the support from the community couldn’t have been imagined like this.

Measures against server overcrowding

However, you also realize that some players put up with long waiting times and are working hard on many things to fix these issues. In the statement, Amazon Games also promises to continue activating new servers and increase the capacity of existing servers once the changes have been properly tested.

The biggest focus at the moment is still getting all players to log in as quickly as possible and of course play. To make sure that everyone can find an open world to play in, and at the same time be able to find a long-term home with a community on Aeternum, there is a special project. For example, Amazon Games wants to offer a free server transfer service for the next two weeks, which will be available to all players at once for free. The show should start within the next two weeks.

Number of players: 500,000 growing

New World was released on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 and currently has over 500,000 concurrent players on Steam. The rush is huge.

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