NieR Re[in]Carnation: the mobile game finally dated in the West, a new overview of the English translation presented

While that Yoke: automatic And the Replica NieR 1.22474487139… Still relevant today, there is one that has been completely suppressed recently by us, NieR Re[in]pink. As a reminder, this is a mobile game developed by Applepot It was launched earlier this year in Japan which we expected to bring with no date set yet. The wait will be over soon from then on We are now one month away from its release !

NieR Re[in]Carnation will be released on Wednesday, July 28 iOS And the Android, has already exceeded 400,000 pre-registrationsUnlock a good selection of gems and upgrade package for everyone. Square Enix By the way, broadcast Introductory kinematics Which we were able to detect in Japanese, this time Dubbed in English. At the moment, nothing says that a file double voice It will be suggested, let’s hope we don’t have to wait for launch to get the answer.

Reincarnation NieR 28 06 2021

If you prefer playing on console, Replica NieR 1.22474487139… It is actually Sold for 42.39€ Amazon.

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