Nintendo 64 games can go up to 50 Hz in Europe, report –

Games Nintendo 64 Is coming on Nintendo Switch Online Can go 50 Hz in EuropeInstead of 60 Hz like in the US. This is what a report says. Here are the ones we know.

As pointed out by @ Volvagia224 on Twitter, here it is Stream UK Yesterday they announced the arrival of the new Nintendo 64 games on the Nintendo Direct, Switch online service, which was played in PAL format, not NTSC like the US.

The original Nintendo 64 games Europe It is not compatible with the PAL version. Developed primarily for the United States, the games were scheduled for 60 Hz. In Europe, however, the PAL format only supported 50 Hz: so games in Europe were slower than in the United States. Now, the same thing is happening with the online version of the Nintendo Switch.

Volvagia224 points out that the problem cannot be solved without a dedicated link for each game. That would be the case for Nintendo Very expensiveTherefore, it is natural that I chose the PAL version for the European region. Introducing translations into all European languages ​​in the NTSC version will not even be easy.

Apparently for now A statement: This is not official Nintendo did not specify what version would be played in each region. Unable to try Nintendo Switch Nintendo 64 games online, we cannot confirm or deny this description.

Finally, here are the announcements and trailers of the Nintendo Switch games from the Nintendo Direct.

Veronica Tucker

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