Nintendo and Sakurai have accepted the Smash Bros. game. From No More Heroes 3. Boss Fight Style

There was a time when Travis Touchdown was seen as a good cry to get a place in Super Smash Bros. Climax The list, while technically it I did Make your way into the game Mii fighterThere, the real cooperation appeared More heroes 3.

As those who have played the game before know, No More Heroes 3 features a number of special matches that change the usual gameplay, often picking up features from other known game genres or specific titles. At risk of spoiling the game for those who haven’t finished yet (Back to safety Now if you like) Final Battle very Super Smash Bros. game summons. And it turns out that Nintendo was completely on board.

in a axles With Siliconera, creator Suda51 explains that Masahiro Sakurai, director of the Nintendo and Smash series, gave him his blessing to develop the final scene as he likes it:

“For Smash Bros., that’s a different story. Actually, I wrote it a bit haphazardly. It started out as a joke. I was going to say ‘Okay, we’ll have FU and Travis each other in a sumo-style fight, and let’s go'” Smash Bros. Model.’ I wrote that everything was stealthy Smash Bros. style. And we started developing it. When I saw it taking shape, I thought it might be a problem as it really was Smash Bros.-s. It was really very close to the actual game. I decided to change it or get rid of it completely.

But before I did that, I went to talk to the folks at Nintendo to see what they thought of it. I was a little surprised that they told me ‘No, do it! Dark! We think it’s really cool and even better. If someone gives you *** in return, we’ll take responsibility for it. We won’t get mad. It doesn’t matter.’ Sakurai himself even said, “Yeah, that’s cool. I have given my blessing. I’ll chase her.”

J’étais comme… vraiment ? Êtes-vous sûr que c’est bon? Et ils étaient comme “Non, bien sûr. Exactment. Faites-le. Poursuivez-la.” So instead of changing it to a different style to not steal Smash Bros., Nintendo basically told me to rip them off as often as possible. And that’s how this boss fight kind of started. It started as some kind of stupid joke, and the people who mattered liked it not only supported it, but asked for la garder.”

You can watch the fight itself in the video below starting at 20 minutes, but be aware that the clip contains a lot of bad language:

You can read Siliconera’s full interview with Suda51 Here.

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