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On July 15, 2020, a small independent studio gumberland (Developers duo, Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser) were on their way out Ooblets (known as Moblets in 2016), his first game, in Early Access Xbox One as well as on top the computer across theEpic Games Store. The first title presented in the new Indyworld From May 11th, Ooblets will be available this summer employment Nintendo Switch Thus, early access will be left for release in the form of Version 1.0. This will allow you to take advantage of all the content that already exists and many new features including New places to visit, new quests and a story conclusion. Since its launch nearly two years ago, the developers have added New regions, new ooblets, new items to collect, new story content and many improvements. The The game’s page on the site Nintendo Europe It also tells us that it will be playable in French, English, Spanish and German. The Early Access version is only available in English. Here is a new trailer:

Ooblets is a creature collecting and farm management game, which necessarily refers to a mix between the series The story of the seasons / Bokugo Monogatari And Pokemon, which is totally intended. The adventure takes place in Badgeville, where our character arrives to renovate a farm. In this exotic city there are adorable little creatures that can be cultivated like plants. The game offers the possibility to customize both the avatar and the opalite with different outfits and all kinds of accessories. We can cook and sell dishes, visit the city and buy something to decorate our cabin to turn it into a lovely little house with furniture and decorations or even give the residents gifts to befriend them.

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Ooblets also has its own story, where you have to help Mayor Sparkle save Badgeville and discover all the secrets of the Oob world along the way. We can explore different colored areas, such as the wharf trails at Port Pixel, the spooky NĂ©androit swamps and the icy expanses of Mont Bancal. It will be possible to participate in various activities with the ooblets (and even embrace them), such as playable dance matches in the form of card games that allow you to level up creatures and unlock new technologies. There will also be daily challenges, dance competitions, quests and badges to collect. In addition, off the farm, we can run our own shop in the city selling things that have been found or that we have been able to manufacture. Finally, we are promised many mini games.

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