Nintendo Switch: Mario Kart Live is entitled to a surprise update!

Nintendo, without telling anyone, added new races, new buggies, and other novelties.

It is with surprise that the players Mario Kart Live Home Arena They played the Nintendo Switch on the 1sthe is July and discovered an update that was not previously announced. In fact, it seems that nintendo I wanted to keep the surprise in this update, and it’s not a simple corrective patch.

This is the update 1.1.0 that brings with it the all-new Mario Cup. If you can complete it, you will gain access to many customization items for your races, such as new doors, as well as new environments. Additionally, the update brings “Super Yoshi” and “Yoshi Horn” kart items that can be unlocked in Mario Cup as well.

Mario Kart Live Home Arena, which you can read Exam, is a car racing game that uses augmented reality to allow you to play in your own environment. The game comes with all kinds of items, including markers to identify the race, as well as a vehicle that will be remotely controlled using the Nintendo Switch.

It is a much simpler and less rich game than its fully digital counterpart Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but it is also fully customizable and has multiplayer dimensions that are equally present. In fact, you can play up to four players and the race like the car can be customized to your liking.

Discover the Mario Kart Live Home Circuit at €99.99

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