Nintendo Switch Pro “Features exclusive games” not running on older models, leaked –

We’ll talk once again Nintendo Switch Pro, The new elusive console of the Kyoto house. We had the opportunity to discover some hardware details through the Bloomberg Report: Now, in a book dedicated to it, l’insider “Nate Drake” He said that There will be exclusive games in this new version It does not work on older switch models (standard and lite).

“There will be some exclusive games selected from some third-party partners,” says Internal. Then he added: “It may be many, but I know at least one thing“If we believe his words, the Nintendo Switch Pro will allow you to play some exclusive games, but we should not expect this to be the case, especially with internal specifics: it is clear that Nintendo does not want to drop its” basic “models.

His statement, of course, acted as a stimulus Player speculation. Some have suggested that Rockstar could be used to launch the Nintendo Switch Pro Red Dead Rescue2 Or, more, GTA5 (PS4 / Xbox One version or PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version?). Others have suggested that the picks instead could be a Final Fantasy 7 remake, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 for now and the PlayStation 5 soon.

As always, we talk about report-based leak speculation – a roundabout far from official. After all, many people tend to take the Nintendo Switch Pro as an end in itself, but that is the truth. Nintendo has not officially released anything yet. So, for now, we can wait and hope that the big N will give us information soon.

We also point out that many developers already own the Dev Kit, according to Khan, a former Game Informer journalist.

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Will there be a Final Fantasy 7 remake on the Nintendo Switch Pro?

Veronica Tucker

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