No chance for Play Store: Secret App Store flaunts ingenious features

Dependent Aurora store It’s divided into several categories: On the start page, you’ll find popular apps and games, and there are also classic top menus and updates for your own apps. In addition to the classic search functionality, you can also filter the top listings and search results – for example by ratings, but also by costs or hidden ads.

The additional features are particularly exciting: instead of your Google account, Aurora offers the option to log in with an anonymous account and thus no longer rely on Google. In addition, you can falsify various parameters – for example your location or your smartphone model – and thus download apps that you won’t get in the Play Store for compatibility reasons.

The Play Store is only the best place to go if your inspiration is to find new apps. The area is located in Aurora store It’s almost completely gone – no suggestions are displayed on the start page, and there are no similar apps on the subpages of the individual apps. There is also a reason for this: With Aurora, users should not be distracted from their actual intent, but only install the apps they want from scratch.
Last but not least is the Aurora store The only way for many users to have the Play Store on their device at all. If you are using a Huawei smartphone without Google services or an Amazon Fire tablet, you cannot use the official Play Store, but an alternative can. Especially for such devices, users can also filter in the store for apps that do not require Google services.

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