No, futuristic Pixel phones are no exception to the rule of Google Photos

Today’s Google Pixel phones come last with unlimited “high quality” uploads to Google Photos. The company said yesterday that previous Pixel phones can still upload those photos for free After printing Google Unlimited Storage on June 1, 2021, Google has assured us that the future pixels you buy will not come with those free uploads.

This is not the first time Google has measured pixels. First, one of Pixel’s selling points is free Original-Quality Photo Storage, without the abstract used for most uploads of Google Photos to provide free storage to get started. But in June, users will have to start paying 1) Google One storage plans After they hit the company’s 15GB cap for free accounts, or 2) take photos of them Somewhere else.

Being Google Grandpa in any photo you took before June 1, 2021 does not mean that they do not fit into that 15GB cap, which means you have An extra 15GB of photos coming in on June 1st – because Google is counting your Gmail and your Google Drive towards that number.

Take me for example:

If I do not delete a lot of emails, I’m going to leave soon after June 1st.

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Veronica Tucker

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