No Star Wars game to be announced, see you in 2022

In a few days, an EA Play event, Electronic Arts, will be taking place, where a conference will highlight the publisher’s future games. If many fans hope to see a new title there star warsThe organizers prefer to warn us a little in advance to avoid disappointment: No new franchise titles will be offered.

No Jedi in EA Play

Thus, the Star Wars license joins the following license mass effect And the Dragon Age 4 on the absentee seat. Small disappointment for players who would have loved the little teaser for the rest of the series. But at least we are being warned, which saves us from making plans for a comet — or the galaxy for that matter.

However, the announcement tweet makes one thing clear: We look forward to celebrating with you next year when we share our vision for Galaxy Far, Far Far Away! The date is set for 2022 for the most likely announcements. Term celebrate It can also refer to May 4, the day of the celebration of the epic.

Now that Star Wars has confirmed his absence, it’s hard to know what awaits us at EA Play. We know that two new games must be introduced. The first is likely Dead Space, so there is still a mystery title, which will be revealed next week, July 22nd. Also remember that several Star Wars games are apparently in the making: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, sTar Wars Battlefront III Or even the Star Wars open world game from Ubisoft. So don’t worry about the future of epic video games.

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