No, the Cyberbank 2077 PS4 does not have the 56GB Day One Patch on the PS5

Cyberpunk 2077 is only a week away from release, and it honestly feels like parts of the internet are close to exploding. Exaggeration is certainly true, as is usually the case with starting something huge, a lot of people are currently losing their minds on complete misinformation.

Here’s what happens: Some people get a copy of Cyberbank 2077 early. One such person went to Reddit to prove they had the game and installed a photo of Cyberbunk 2077 on their PS5. That image was later removed, but it still floats on Twitter.

The original poster said they were downloading a patch for a big day for the PS4 title – it weighs 56GB. Naturally, many sites immediately ran away as the story spread on social media – but according to CD Project Red Fabian Mario Dohla, There is no such connection. At least not yet.

The 56GB in question actually appears to be the installation size of the Cyberbank 2077 on the PS4 though. C.D. Project Red has not yet released any official statement regarding the release of a one-day affiliate.

That’s about it. The only thing we would like to mention is, again, that some people already have Cyberbunk 2077 – which will inevitably lead to leaks before the game starts next week. Be careful there!

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Veronica Tucker

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