Nomoc, the free digital festival in bookstores in Paris

By My B. Posted on Apr 12, 2022 12:15 PM

Numok is the festival that invites you to immerse yourself in digital, virtual or augmented reality in about twenty bookstores in Paris. From April 9-30, 2022, participate in sessions, meetings, and mixed activities for children.

Do not miss the friends of digital and new technologies NomukThis free festival is open to all and invites you to try new digital practices.

This year, the event is growing and presenting to you More than a hundred events (workshops, conferences, exhibitions) are presented April 9-30, 2022with a special focus on virtual reality in about ten institutions.

for this news and 7And Editing Nomuk honors two worlds, world of falabs and that from Virtual Reality. From programming workshops to filming, conference passes and metatarsus, this festival is rich in discoveries.

Whether you are looking for learning for you where for your childrenThe Nomuk Festival It has something to answer all the curious who are looking to experiment and learn. Here is a good plan to wake up the little ones during the Easter holidays.

Do you want to decrypt a fileartificial intelligence In popular culture for a new test Video games (yes yes), frommove the dinosaurto make robotic workshop or dive in Synthetic music ? All this is possible for you and for free it would be a mistake to deprive yourself of it, wouldn’t it?

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