Notre Dame: A virtual reality escape game produced by Ubisoft based on the Jean-Jacques Anode movie

Written by Laurent P. Posted Jan 17, 2022 at 10:05pm

On the occasion of the release of “Notre-Dame brule” by Jean-Jacques Anode, in cinemas on March 16, 2022, Ubisoft is presenting Curious Ubisoft a virtual reality escape game accompanying the feature film release. An escape game to discover only in 630+ specialty stores.

after Assassin’s Creed UnityAnd Notre Dame Paris Comes to life in a new program site Ubisoft ! The French video game publisher announced that it is showing, in collaboration with Pathé In support of the release of the film before Jean-Jacques AnodeAnd Notre Dame is burning, in theaters March 16, 2022, A escape game in a Virtual Reality Around the Parisian cathedral and on this tragic evening on 15th April 2019 which saw the building burning and the fire removing part of the roof.

An experience a must have, according to our colleagues from diverse, can only be accessed in some partner institutions – they are inside virtual reality centers, Ubisoft Talking about 630 brands… – and not distributed on traditional platforms.

On the scenario side, we learn that the Curious will dress up as Paris firefighters and will have to make their way through the burning cathedral while solving puzzles. “Like any escape game, it’s all about puzzles and cooperation with your teammates. The idea is that you fight your way through the cathedral to find the ruins and fight the fire, because you have to save Notre Dame before time runs out.‘, he explains Deborah Papermaker, responsible for strategic partnerships at Ubisoft, to our colleagues from diverse.

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A firm commitment to the cathedral he noticed Pathé And Jean-Jacques Anode…and for good reason: Ubisoft Paid, in 2019, €500,000 To rebuild the Parisian Monument. And to mark the occasion (and fundraise, above all), the publisher made it available for free download, Assassin’s Creed Unity, soft of the franchise taking place in Paris French Revolution, where the cathedral plays a likely role. Also in 2020, Ubisoft Suggested during consecutive cells a Free virtual tour from the building, Notre Dame de Paris: a journey through time, based on the structure of the building presented in the program Doctrine killer Released in 2014.

A great experience to discover when the movie comes out!

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