Notre Dame de Paris reopens its doors for a virtual 360-degree visit

In order to commemorate two years of the terrible fire of Notre Dame de Paris, a new, completely free online service has been launched. It allows you to visit the cathedral from a distance with 360-degree shots.

Online on Friday April 16, Notre Dame 360 It allows you to dive into the images that the visitor can freely explore through the computer screen, smartphone, virtual reality headset, and even using 3D glasses (red and blue) to provide comfort in places.

The photos were taken in 2017

This unprecedented visit was created by 360Nuances Prodcution in partnership with Gigascope and Homido, and this unprecedented visit is based on footage taken in 2017, that is, before the disaster that destroyed part of the building in April 2019. Thus it is through a cathedral inhabited by visitors we will be able On the discovery of this place of worship that was erected from the year 1163.

The virtual tour begins in Notre Dame’s front yard in order to enjoy the building from the outside, before quickly entering it. Nave then welcomes users of this service, where you can enjoy his paintings, his altar, the famous rose window, and its rich stained glass windows.

Clickable information points allow you to learn more about some antiques, such as the Virgin of Piety, which adorn the heart of Notre-Dame de Paris.

It should be noted that the visit does not allow access to the rooms on the floors of Notre Dame, and even to the roof that gives access to a view of the tower and Paris.

Inaccessible until 2024

Inaccessible to the public until at least 2024, Notre-Dame de Paris is the subject of several documentaries that allow a behind-the-scenes visit. Last year, Targo put the documentary Revivre Notre-Dame online, allowing 360-degree video and virtual reality to recognize the scars left by the fire.

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