NV wins back-to-back PUBG Mobile World Championships


2021 pubg mobile The Grand Final of the World Championships was held this weekend and in the end NV took the lead for the second time. After achieving one of the sweetest victories you can get in esports, the crew racked up consecutive wins in the finals to become champions for the entire season, essentially cementing their legacy and linking them to the game forever, with few coming after them. Furthermore, the NV Order walked away as the MVP of the 2021 PMGC Finals, putting a little cherry on top of their win. The team will receive the trophy plus $1.5 million for the championship bowl. Below, we have a brief glimpse into the finals from the organizers, along with a quote from the organization for this year’s finals. With all of that over, they will now target 2022 and the new system they have. You can also watch the finals on their sites Youtube.

Credit: Krafton Inc.

the CMGP 2021 The overall standings saw NV secure the top spot with an incredible 222 points and 101 eliminations. In second place, Russian Natos Venceri got 175 points, and in third place Najma Galaxy from Iraq with 166 points. Order NV has also been named MVP of CMGP 2021 Major Finals with an impressive 46 kills, 7,793 damage, and a team contribution of 30.3%. this year CMGP 2021 The Grand Final also showed the astonishing development of the West compared to last year. With teams from across the region showing skill growth and poised against the East.

“It’s amazing to see NV crowned twice in a row PMGC Champions. It has been a record year for pubg mobile sports and PMGC Provided the perfect backdrop to show the world how far we have come. I am also very excited about the upcoming competitive year as we introduce new regions and leagues that offer more opportunities than ever before. pubg mobile esports players,” said James Young |, Director pubg mobile International sport.

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