Nvidia GeForce RTX3060, the mining module is more complex than you think

Yesterday We informed you Moving Nvidia Designed to restrict the purchase of new ones GeForce RTX3060 The miners, leaving the gamers, are the real recipients of the product, with dry air. Initially, it was published by a message Official Blog, The California company talked about procedures with drivers to find ways to mine etherium cryptocurrency implemented, which reduces card performance in calculations by about 50% and controls the hash rate. Many have wondered how the system works and thinks of possible “holes” to avoid pushing this limit.

Obviously, the situation is more complicated than expected. In fact, as stated Brian del Risso, Global PR Director at GeForce, La Anti-crypto technology is not only implemented in drivers, but also includes GPUs and BIOS. It allows you to run it not only on Windows, but also on Linux, the operating system used by “professional” miners, so it cannot be easily bypassed. Also, according to a well-known leak @ kopite7kimi, Ampere Graphics Card Specifications Revealed Before Their Official Presentation, It Looks Jensen Huang (Nvidia CEO) against miners, at least in the consumer sector (GeForce) and This technology can be implemented in future enterprise products and updated models of current boards.

Nvidia GeForce RTX3060 Anti-Crypto

We remind you that Nvidia is available to meet the specific needs of miners CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor), A Professional product line, Sold by Authorized Partners, Optimized for mining operations e No video releases, Allowing better ventilation. In addition, there will be CMP products Low clock frequencies and voltages to increase energy efficiency.

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