Nvidia Shield TV begins its transformation from Android TV to Google TV

Shield TV was announced during the Galaxy S6 era. Since it was marketed in 2015, Nvidia’s multimedia box has benefited from dozens of updates…and it’s not over yet. In June 2021, its facade benefits from a complete facelift.

Six years after marketing the first Shield TV, in March 2015 more precisely, the Nvidia Multimedia Box will benefit from an update of its interface. In fact, Android TV has gradually begun to replace the system that we can discover on Chromecast with Google TV.

New interface makes way for content

With Google TV, we are moving away from the Android TV philosophy that above all introduced the various apps and their respective universes, to a vision that highlights content directly. We have already seen this kind of approach in Apple, especially On Amazon with Fire TV. It’s exactly the same idea here.

Note, however, that the interface isn’t exactly that of Chromecast with Google TV, since the “Discovery” tab isn’t quite the same as the “For you” tab. Either way, the philosophy is the same and it will change the habits of Shield TV owners.

As a reminder, the Shield TV is a multimedia box that was initially announced in 2015, then saw two updates in 2017 and 2019. In any case, all generations of Shield TV benefit from software updates since their technical foundation has remained the same.

This lifetime is a real achievement and Shield TV should be set as an example in the world of new technologies.

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