Nvidia’s 3D trainer blew everyone away

What better way to prove the superiority of your technology than to try it in real life without anyone realizing anything? This is the achievement Nvidia has digitized its CEO, Jensen Huang, to present.

Nvidia made real power during a presentation in April to lift the veil on the Omniverse system. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this has been a virtual conference in which Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang appeared from his kitchen. A picture that looks normal, except that it was a completely hypothetical sequence too!

It is impossible to distinguish between the real and the virtual

Kitchen items are reproduced in 3D, but also Jensen Huang, his clothes, and his movements. Everyone saw nothing but fire, until the photo revealed the truth, confirming that it was indeed a computer-generated scene, with insane realism. Nvidia has provided all the information about this feat on its site, along with a video documentary detailing the sequence design.

The effect was not chosen at random. Nvidia has introduced its own Omniverse tools for creating 3D virtual worlds. The company’s engineers reproduced Jensen Huang’s face and body to create a model, then programmed him to copy his gestures and expressions.

The CGI clone stunned viewers before revealing its true nature. When watching the video, it is impossible to tell what is real and what is not. The streak lasted only 14 seconds, but it was no less impressive. When will we watch a full movie with the same technology?

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