O2 Free Young: great tariff offers starting from 3.32 €

Yes, Young tariffs from O2 are really hot right now. No, but no savings were made in the scope of services. Means: From Free S to Free L Boost, all tariffs offer a flat rate for Allnet and SMS, support LTE Max and from Free M Radio also 5G and come with a term of 24 months.

LTE max 225Mbps, 5Gbps (300Mbps)

LTE max 225Mbps, 5Gbps (300Mbps)

LTE max 225Mbps, 5Gbps (300Mbps)

LTE max 225Mbps, 5Gbps (300Mbps)

O2 Free Young on display

Interesting monthly prices are caused by various discounts – details can be found in the table. For example, until November 29, 2021, O2 gives a bonus of €100 for portability, which is paid out in the form of a €5 discount per month for the first 20 months. Moreover, comparison portal Verivox donates instant rewards of 60-120 euros, which you get when you send your first bill via a special card. Verivox website download.

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For those who are no longer under the age of 29, the regular tariffs for O2-Free are worth a look. Instead, O2 prepaid tariffs with short term and good value for money compete in favor of users. A free offer is also available with the O2 Test Card.

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