Oculus makes it easy to create mixed reality apps

Wait to see more Mixed reality future applications, at least for Oculus Quest 2. WinFuture notes What Oculus has without sleep A suite of tools, Passthrough API Experimental, that will “seamlessly” integrate virtual reality with the real-world view of Quest 2 cameras.

You can project images onto flat surfaces, create composite layers that float in space, and even apply visual styles (similar to social media filters) to actual scenes. You can manipulate a virtual screen to use with your realistic keyboard, for example, or turn your home into a psychedelic dream scene with the flick of a virtual key.

Oculus said privacy shouldn’t be an issue. The API only processes raw images from the camera on the device, and applications cannot access, store, or display images of the world around you. The malicious app should not be streaming videos from your home, to put it another way.

Oculus hopes to deliver the framework to driving engine Developers with the next version of the SDK. Completed apps will take a while to show up, but don’t be surprised if mixed reality gaming and productivity tools become relatively mainstream thanks to new Oculus gadgets.

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