Oddly enough, this new lens from Canon is a small revolution

Canon feet new goal to come in its range of products compatible with the EOS R. Its full-frame mirrorless cameras will be able to provide it with a new frame completely different from all other cameras. Just seeing her first illustrations, she’s not a classic target.

its name ? Le RF5.2mm F2.8. Double fish eye with a focal length of 5.2 mm, combined in one lens. Its benefit: Create virtual reality (VR) content Without additional materials. The recorded files will be compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

It’s about “The world’s first interchangeable digital lens capable of capturing 180° 3D stereoscopic images in VR on a single image sensor”, Canon presented last night. It costs $1,999 and will be compatible au Canon EOS R5 According to the latest information. It is scheduled to be launched in December 2021. Other cameras such as the EOS R6 and EOS R3 may become compatible in the future.

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Create 3D virtual reality, 180 degrees

By its release, Canon will have deployed all the tools available to properly process these files in virtual reality, other than classic video. Canon EOS R5 will receive a software update to integrate VR recording mode, just as the Premier Pro range will receive a special plug-in. A file converter app called EOS VR Utility has also been announced.

Finally, files recorded with this new sensor paired with the EOS R5 can be in 8K format. The two fisheye sensors are 60mm apart and will be able to shoot 3D VR Content. The field of view will be 180 degrees, a real feat for an accessory that is much less difficult to move than is generally required in 3D VR imaging.

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In competition, Insta360 has the equivalent of the Insta360 Pro 2, which also shoots in 8K for Virtual Reality Content. Although it can shoot in 360 degrees, which is what VR content usually looks for, it is still less practical and compact than a simple sensor to add to a camera.

With its new lens, Canon can appeal to photo professionals who want to explore new formats, as well as businesses, to promote their products and services.

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