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Announced that the frontierAlpha de Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Available from today PC Through the steam, epic sports shop and frontier shop. The alpha phase lasts for several weeks, during which the developer not only fixes the proposed innovations, but gradually adds new features. This will be done in four separate phases Schedule:

Lifetime Extension Pass holders and players who pre-order the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha Expansion package will be given access to the Alpha. Four phases Road map The alpha of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey includes the following:

  1. Phase 1: First Steps. Focusing on Odyssey’s core systems and networking capabilities, Phase 1 will group all commanders into a single star system and increase player interactions. Players can purchase the Remlock Maverick Scavenger Suite, Takada and Kinematic Armory and participate in a variety of activities including recovery, collection and distribution. Players will no longer have access to spacecraft at this point, but travel on the computer to the new Apex Interstellar feature will still be possible.
  2. Phase 2: War. Elite Dangerous: With the introduction of the Odyssey first person combat experience, commanders can access the Montgomery Dominator combat case. Conflicts will be activated by the time Frontline Solutions Mercenary launches operations at this point. In addition, soldiers can travel in their own spacecraft for up to 20 light years and engage in a wide variety of missions, including trading with settlements in neighboring systems.
  3. Phase 3: Study. By expanding the operable bubble to 50 light years, this phase will include unexplored planets and a desirable “first football” experience. Commanders can now offer the Supratech Artemis Scout Suite and analyze alien creatures with a genetic sampling tool.
  4. Step 4: Compatibility. Elite Danger: In the final stages of the Odyssey Alpha, players will gain access to their commanders and test the inclusion of key features in the game such as aircraft carriers, fighter jets and SRVs.
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The developer is keen to point out all of these features Subject to change: Alpha helps to improve the game and slows down the whole process as more complex problem than expected can come at any time.

Elite Danger: The Odyssey 2021 will be released on PC in late spring on Steam, Epic Sports Store and Frontier Store. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are scheduled for fall 2021.

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