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Ninhagen. The energy supplier and telecommunications provider has installed a modern solar power bank in Ninhagen. In the seating furniture, passers-by can easily charge their cell phones with climate-neutral electricity.

“Modern communications and smart power supplies – SVO expresses this combination with Smart-Bench, which has now found its place in central Nienhagen,” explains Nienhagen Mayor Jörg Mackel. “The bank is also a symbol of exemplary cooperation between the community, the citizens and the SVO group.” In Ninhagen, the citizens’ initiative to expand optical fibers on site has been going strong for some time and has achieved a lot of persuasion. It is only with this commitment that the expansion of Nienhagen can finally begin. “We also intended the bank to be a small thank you to the people in Ninhagen for their commitment,” explains Philip Daniel, Mayor of Peacekeeping Operations in Special Operations.

Ninhagen Mayor Jörg Mackel (front left) and Ninhagen Mayor Philip Daniel (back left) as well as Christa Schwartz and Dr. Klaus Müller of the Ninhagen Citizens Initiative Take a look at the new solar power bank in the center of the village

Mobile phone users are particularly benefiting from the new “smart” seats. Mobile phones can be charged via the USB port. There are also two QI charging stations for wireless charging via induction. 100 percent of the electricity required by solar banks comes from integrated solar panels. The seat is subtly illuminated in the dark. The modern seating furniture is maintained in SVO colours. It offers a total of three seats.

In the past few months, SVO Group has already operated three solar banks of the same type in downtown Celle. There are two seats at the bus stop at Schlossplatz, the third in front of a clothing store at Holy Cross. “Our offer is now being used a lot there – and the first mobile phones have already been successfully charged with solar energy in Ninhagen,” continues Philip Daniel.

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Photo: SVO

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