Omron unveils new CT-based solution

VT-X850 is an automatic 3D inspection solution. It integrates high energy X-ray tube and artificial intelligence.

This is the latest inspection solution offered by the manufacturer. Omron designed the VT-X850 3D X-ray automatic inspection machine based on CT. It meets the needs of critical system inspection of electric vehicles and electronic components. We wanted to create a product that not only solves technical problems, but also enables all professionals, regardless of their level of experience, to perform effective inspections.“It is a great honour for Omron to have such a successful inspection system,” explains Kevin Youngs, Sales Director EMEA for Omron Europe’s Inspection Systems Division. The VT-X850 demonstrates Omron's commitment to creating technologically advanced innovations that are accessible to users. »

The use of X-rays ensures clear and stable images within a short period of time. The X-ray tube of the VT-X850 reaches 160 kV. The solution can handle complex materials, such as heat sinks and aluminium castings, as well as heavy and bulky modules: it accepts modules up to 335 mm high and weighing 40 kg, characteristics that are useful for the electric vehicle sector, for example.

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