Once Upon a Time There Was a Video Game – by Jean Zaid and Emilie Rugg – (…)

Through imagination this journey through the rich history of video games began: in this album we follow the adventures Jean Zaidscreenwriter, and Emily Reedthe designer, is stuck between eras and video game universes due to a “strange pulse rifle” that turns out to be extremely volatile.

Jan and Emily plan to collaborate to create a comic strip dedicated to the history of video games; The opportunity is perfect for them to meet the big names who gave life to this art, but also to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite games.

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Opting for a thematic rather than chronological approach, the album proves to be educational and takes the time necessary to introduce the actors, developments, and specific terminology of the world of video games. Beginners to this universe will likely have a little difficulty storing the large amount of information presented in this album, but we cannot deny the authors of making a certain effort to make this information easy to understand and accessible. Readers more familiar with this universe can rest assured, they will also learn many things because the album is so clearly comprehensive.

The interesting story told by Jan Zed is carried by Emily Roeg's beautiful paintings: we quickly get into the game of discovering visual references from these different universes because we have no difficulty recognizing them. For our part, we appreciate the care taken in representing the consoles, arcade machines and computers that symbolize the history of video games.

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By doing such an exercise, it is difficult to satisfy all readers completely: for our part, we found that the place reserved in this album for 16-bit consoles such as the Super Nintendo or the MegaDrive (first half of the 1990s) was more or less identical and were surprised by the absenceNoisy video games are degrading Among the online videographers who have published video game-related videos (20 years ago, in 2004, AVGN was one of the first companies to popularize sketches covering a video game test, a concept that inspired the core duo of Attic operator).

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Once upon a time there was a video game However, it is an album worth devoting because it achieves its goal with efficiency and erudition.

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