One minute “Make peace with nature”

Once again, the United Nations supports Mobile Film FestivalAn international competition for one-minute films shot with a mobile phone. The theme chosen this year is inspired by the speech of the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, who called for “making peace with nature”, and “making peace with nature”.

“Making peace with nature is the critical task of the twenty-first century. It must be the highest priority for everyone, everywhere”The Secretary-General of the United Nations said during the State of the Planet address at Columbia University, New York, in January.

in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (United Nations Development Programme), this 17th edition of the Mobile Film Festival is supported by an entire network of NGOs and international organizations committed to protecting the planet and combating climate change.

The festival therefore falls within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular Goal 13, which aims to Urgently combating climate change and its consequences.

This year’s festival is set to be accompanied by two major UN actions over the next quarter. On the other hand, the World Sustainable Development Goals Week (September 17-28, 2021) from which the festival will be an official event, and on the other hand COP26 in Glasgow (October 31 to November 12, 2021) where the official selection of about fifty films will be presented.

1 mobile, 1 minute, 1 movie

Directors are invited to create films in the unique format that creates the originality of the film.

Festival for 17 years : 1 mobile, 1 minute, 1 movie.

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“By giving a voice to filmmakers from all geographical and cultural backgrounds, the festival gives Powerful films, activists, creativess“, Indicates press release Announcing the opening of the festival.

“For 17 years, the Mobile Film Festival has championed the values ​​of equality and discovery by removing economic restrictions through the use of mobile phones as well as Free registration At the festival, while promoting the creativity of the directors, who must tell a story in one minute maximum.”

Professional or Amateur: Submit your films before October 12

To participate, just sign up Here and send your movies before October 12

The Mobile Film Festival has collaborated several times with the United Nations on different topics: climate emergency, human rights or women’s empowerment.

Over the past five cycles, the Mobile Film Festival has received 5,721 films from 151 countries, generated an audience of over 134 million views, and supported young creators with a total of €310,000 in production grants.

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