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Keep open and Openness to the world. This spirit was born Open Wor (l) ds Which, as mentioned in the project proposal, is “first and foremost a way of being: Brave, responsible, special, free, In perfect harmony with Feltrinelli values. World of Will That is a part of everyday life, made meticulously with Recyclable materials For the well-being of the environment, available exclusively for a few days in all Feltrinelli libraries and online at lafeltirnelli.it, IBS.it and Libraccio.it.

Production lines divided into Groups Each is dedicated to different topics. The first tells related stories respect and onInterest in our planet It has two different graphical explorations: one engraved dedicated to the first two elements – Earth and water – And one is illustrated by Philip GiordanoBorn out of an idea conceiving in one cover “a planet, a destiny, a.” Long journey togetherGiordano translated this suggestion by creating a file The Maiden Planet, Inhabited by animals and pristine nature, wherea leg He is an integral part of what he observes.

I wanted to suggest the idea that we are not just spectators but part of what we observeGiordano explains: “To emphasize that we are all intimately connected to the planet we live on and to all the creatures that inhabit it. We are traveling inside a blue bubble lost in a mystery.”Universe I think it is our duty to have Active role In protecting and preserving our planet. We are more than just spectators Guardians From earth “.

Brooch from the Open Wor (l) ds font by Feltrinelli

The second group, on the other hand, tells about love reading As a way to edit Fantasia, The thought And the Discovery, And interpretation of classics and heroes of great novels such as Alice in Wonderland From Lewis CarrollAnd the little Women From Louisa May AlcottAnd the Peter Pan From James Matthew Barry e Sherlock Holmes From Arthur Conan Doyle.

Here the illustrations have been edited by the cartoonist and illustrator Manuel Fiore, Whose stylistic signature – light line, compositional in images and movements but detailed in composition and in natural views – Conversations with phrases and quotes that include the essence Of the champions of the covers. “In playing a classic character,” comments Fior, “I tried to look at him by stripping him of all his previous interpretations, and noticing him. As if it descended to me for the first time. Big negative spaces in white They helped me adapt the drawing to different calligraphy objects. “

It is available from these first two lines Notebooks, notebooks, bottle, cup e shopper.

Three shoppers from the new Feltrinelli Open Wor (l) ds line

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