OpenIP rides the mobile-only trend and launches a simplified online store

The B2B operator’s return to school features two major announcements: the launch of an offer allowing mobile phones to be connected to company phone systems and a new commercial offshore network for partners who don’t have phone skills.

The premiere is called OpenSIM Revolution, and it explores the trend of abandoning corporate landlines in favor of cell phones only. Thanks to the proprietary technology built into their mobile SIM card, users can be supported by their company’s phone system and take advantage of all the advanced functions (internal calls, call forwarding, group calls, etc.) that it offers.

OpenSIM Revolution demo launched before the summer, and is compatible with 3CX, Wildix, Alcatel OXO, Mitel 400, MetaCentrex and Wazo environments. Fully automated, it can be activated and configured with just a few clicks. According to its indirect model, OpenIP is delegating the marketing of this offer to its partners. The operator encourages them to train and rely themselves on the solution by sending them this message: “We are simplifying the connection of mobile phones to business phone systems, and it is up to you to invent the accompanying uses for it”

About fifty partners have already been approved for this show, and they are supposed to become 300 by the end of the year.

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