Oppo A54 5G or Samsung Galaxy A22 5G?

With the shock of smartphones, Univers Freebox brings you a comparison of smartphones sold at equivalent prices via Free Mobile Store. This is to help you choose according to your expectations. Today, we are opposed to the Oppo A54 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, offered at €259. The second one just arrived at the store.

Screen: Oppo

IPS panel, about 6.5 inches in diameter, Full HD + definition and 90Hz refresh rate for both, but the Oppo A54 5G has a more discreet punch.

Our ranking:

  1. Oppo A54 5G (6.5 inch, FHD+, IPS, 90Hz, off-center punch)
  2. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (6.6 inch, FHD+, IPS, 90Hz and waterdrop notch)

Offers: Samsung

Octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM for both, but it’s a slightly faster processor for the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. Either way, we have a platform that ensures 5G network compatibility.

Our ranking:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (2.2 GHz octa-core processor, D-700 chipset, 4 GB of RAM)
  2. Oppo A54 5G (2.0 GHz Octa-core processor, Snapdragon 480 chipset, 4 GB RAM)

Photo: Oppo

Both smartphones have a 48MP main sensor. Compared to Samsung, Oppo offers a bit more definition for ultra-wide angle and for selfies. The rest are just 2MP sensors that don’t add much in terms of user experience.

Our ranking:

  1. Oppo A54 5G (48/8/2/2 MP rear, 16 MP front)
  2. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (48/5/2 MP rear, 8 MP front)

Autonomy: Samsung

The two smartphones benefit from a 5,000 mAh battery that announces good autonomy. However, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G supports a slightly stronger charge than its competition. It’s not a luxury with a large battery capacity.

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Our ranking:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (5000 mAh battery, 15W charging)
  2. Oppo A54 5G (5000 mAh battery with 10W charging)

Freebox Universe selection: Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

The two smartphones offer 5G technology, a 90Hz screen for more fluidity, a 48MP sensor and a 5000mAh battery for good autonomy. However, Samsung goes a little further in terms of performance and charging power. Added to this is 128GB of storage, compared to Oppo’s 64GB, double the capacity.

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