Our 5 buying guides have been updated this winter

We update our manuals as new items are released, and the updated version is translated by our partner in the United States, The New York Times. This fall, the following nine guides have been updated.


Speed ​​and battery life: Our reviews of the latest Apple laptops will help you choose between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, now equipped with the M1 processor. The gap between the two models has narrowed, to the point where Apple’s best laptop for most users is the MacBook Air in our view.

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A computer for the video

Are you a creative professional looking for a great laptop with good 4K graphics, and a reliable display that lasts all day on battery power? We ran our tests with Dell, Lenovo, HP, and more models – we’ve got four favorites for you.

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Action camera

We tested the image quality of the best GoPro action cameras as well as the 360-degree cameras it now competes with. We evaluated their strength, the richness of their settings, and the convenience of their installation. Spoiler: GoPro continues to lead the dance, followed by the Insta360 brand.

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Nomad SSD

If you need to regularly transfer large files from one computer to another, or if you want to backup your computer on the go, get a portable SSD. It’s more expensive equipment than a portable external hard drive, but does not contain moving components, an SSD is inherently faster and more durable. After studying 17 new models in this category and testing the seven most promising ones, we have two favorites for you to recommend.

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Kitchen knife

The great model can revolutionize everyday meal preparation. If the knife is sharp and comfortable, it will be able to chop food faster, with better control, and thus safer. Even those for whom cooking is a chore can make it easier with a professional knife. We spent 150 hours searching for the best model.

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