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Would you like to be at the Marken Gala among celebrities or on tour with Peter Feldmann? We can recommend our contests to you. You have plenty of chances to win with us this weekend, because we’re giving you three different events as possible prizes.

First of all, Knobler is challenged. Because in order to enter the draw for two MARKEN GALA tickets at the Alte Oper on October 30, you need to answer two questions. What are the brands behind these puzzles:

Brand promise: Lasts longer than the competition.
Long ears show this well.

Brand products in green and blue.
Help at home and in construction.

Please send an email with both solutions and your address to [email protected] with the keyword: brand test. The closing date for entries is October 24, 2021 at midnight. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BRAND GALA: https://der-frankfurter.de/2021/10/13/marken-gala-2021-mehr-auszeichnungen-mehr-prominenz-mehr-markenkompetenz/

Take part in an exciting cultural excursion with Peter Feldmann. A river cruise begins on October 25 from Frankfurt to Rheingau. Two days full of basic information on the history of democracy and wine. You can read here where to go, where to stay, and how easy it is to end up in the lottery pot: https://www.rheinmainverlag.de/2021/10/15/kulturreise-demokratie-weingeschichte-zwei-tickets-Zu- gewinnen /

For people who can no longer handle pure reality, pulling on a virtual flight is definitely the right solution. Equipped with the latest virtual reality glasses and a console, you can travel through art, culture and space. You can try this experience not only in Europa-Park, but since October 13 also in Frankfurt at the Skyline Plaza. You have a chance to try your own VR experience until November 13th. For this we give five times two tickets. What do you have to do for it? Write us an email to [email protected] with keyword: Yullbe. You can read more about Yullbe Pro’s “Free Roaming Trial for Full Body VR Tracking” here: https://der-frankfurter.de/2021/10/13/gewinnspiel-erleben-sie-die-virtuelle-realitaet-mit-yullbe//

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Have fun – this weekend – anyway! We hope you enjoy reading our newspapers and online offers from Rhein Main Verlag. And of course, I wish you all the best in our competitions on behalf of the editorial team

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