Outriders: Issues connecting to servers and cross-play issues upon game release

While it just launched, Outriders really seem to be suffering from connectivity issues linked to heavy player streams. The game release from People Can Fly and Square Enix, which has been widely awaited since it was handled through demo, is marred by a concern that must be resolved soon, if we are to believe the development studio.

If the Outriders at the start of the year didn’t do much about it despite Square Enix’s efforts to remember the game reached players’ good memory, the trend has largely reversed after that. In fact, the game’s demo release caused an increase in pre-orders on Steam. Is this one of the reasons the game is suffering now?

People Can Fly recently talked about the game’s connection issues, which are clearly related to the massive influx of gamers on the servers. This is because many of them were left on the server login screen. For those who have managed to find their way online, disappointments are also present because the computer players who play with console players (and vice versa) also find themselves separated from one another, which is the fault of the async problem. Reddit thread It has also been opened About that.

Concretely, PC players can play with each other, regardless of the platform they choose (Steam or Epic Games Store), while players on consoles (PlayStation or Xbox) can also play with each other. However, if the Xbox player tries to invite a player on the PC, the connection will be successful at first but will result in the player being kicked out.

Although according to Square Enix, the patch will not be immediately available, People Can Fly has confirmed that they have identified the cause of the problem and are working on it.

Outriders is available April 1 on PC, Stadia, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5. We will also give you our test of the game very soon.

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