Outriders: The empty inventory issue is taking priority and 1st Fix | Xbox One

People Can Fly took advantage of the weekend to release a new update for Outriders Unfortunately, this also causes players to empty stock. The developers are actively working on the topic and are providing more details on this bug.

Updated 11/4/2021

The developers say they have implemented extra safeguards on the servers to keep them from liquidating inventory. These are intended to reduce the occurrence of this problem.

If you encounter the problem, the developers recommend the following solution: As soon as you notice that your hardware is missing, immediately quit and restart the game.

Re-stock the items during the coming weeks

Outriders’ latest update fixes some bugs, but added another rather annoying bug as the inventory can sometimes be emptied.

Inventory clearing solution is our top priority and will remain so until corrected.

Rest assured, it looks like the developers will be able to take back some stock because not everything is lost. Here are the developers’ intentions to take back Outriders inventory items:

  • The food has to be served on a specific day and it has to be a one-time event
  • The exact date will be confirmed, but we hope it will in the coming weeks.
  • We will keep you informed when we have confirmation of date and times
  • We will only be able to recover the levels of the most valuable lost items, for example Epic and Legendary.
  • It is unlikely that we will take back a stock full of blue equipment.
  • The restoration process will complement your existing inventory. Ellel should not replace your existing inventory.
  • The recovered items may not have exactly the same statistics as lost items

Restoration will not be possible for items that were acquired but were disconnected from the game before autosave was completed because these items were not in your inventory. This autosave appears when the yellow Autosave icon remains active for a longer period of time.

While we try our best to get things right, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the details of the above or the timing of this as we may encounter technical difficulties that delay our work.

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