Paoli Tech distributes computers to all of its students

give to everyone the students The same chances of success while facilitating their remote work. It is in this sense that School of Engineering Pauli Tech Distributed, last Tuesday, a hybrid computer – With a tablet and a pen – for each of her 46 students.

We know that not all students have the same means, shaded Michael Mercier, director of Paoli Tech. This is why we wanted to provide them with this hybrid computer. They will be able to make use of it throughout their time at school.”

Then, once the course is over, students will return the laptops to Paoli Tech. These can then be used in the following promotions.

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Significant work on virtualization of our equipment has been carried out by the university’s IT departmentMichael Mercier continues. Now students can connect remotely – from a computer, phone or tablet – to virtual machines that give them access to all of the school’s software. “

A good step forward that removes a number of limitations:

“Paoli Tech had one computer room, with a limited number of physical computers, its manager resumes. Not all students can use the school’s programs at the same time. Today, they can log in from any device at any time. Even on weekends, on vacation, or when they’re on internship, if they need to.

That is why we have assigned these computers to them, so that they have at least this one to access the Paoli Tech program. Just as we don’t know what might happen in the future, we may have to work remotely again.”

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Mixed course in class and in Teams

At the same time, the College of Engineering has equipped three rooms with video conferencing systems to be able to offer courses in “mixed mode” simultaneously on Teams. Thus a virtual classroom was created for each upgrade. An arrangement that brings more flexibility and can be useful if, for health or other reasons, students do not have the ability to physically follow lessons.

Paoli Tech is also preparing for three October meetings: on the eighth, an inaugural conference to launch DU Assistance for Project Management. XV, Restoration of the work of the first promotion of the ecological qualities of depleted uranium in the built environment in the Mediterranean environment. On October 20, 10 . was organizedNS Anniversary of the College of Engineering, which is also a part of the university’s fortieth anniversary.

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