Participate in the new Pokémon UNITE Tournament: Legend of Arceus and get the game, the statue and a lot of tools!

A new tournament is about to start United Pokemon: The Legend of Arceus Where you can get Pokémon Legends: Arceus themed trophies!

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The tournament was born out of a Pokémon Next collaboration with boys SKILLBROW so Anemone coronaria Everyone can participate Divide that is formed by At least 5 players a maximum of 6.

You can already register for both stages, the links to them can be found in the following excerpt from the regulations, which you will find in full in the links to the qualification stages.


  • All players wishing to participate in the tournament must register individually on the SkillPro platform (, by entering all necessary information in your account, in particular your Pokémon UNITE TRAINER ID;
  • The leader of each team, again through the above platform, will have to create his own team and invite the individual members who comprise it;
  • During the entire tournament period, it will not be possible to change your Coach ID in any way, under pain of disqualification from the competition;
  • Complaints about lost or incorrect game accounts should reach the staff as soon as possible. In the event of an infraction, employees can cancel the match or disqualify the entire team that made the infraction.

Registration, Stages, dates and times

This event provides Two qualifying and final stages. The dates are as follows:

  1. Friday 21 January 2022 (first-leg qualifiers, start at 20:00):
  2. Sunday January 23, 2022 (second leg qualifiers starting at 5:00 pm):
  3. Thursday 27 January 2022 (Final, starts 19:00)
  • the Two teams of finalists in each stage They will automatically have The right to participate in the final January 27, 2022. So it is not necessary to win a stage, but only to reach the final stage;
  • All teams will be able to freely register for both qualifying stages;
  • If a team has already gained access to the final during the first qualification phase, it will not be able to participate in the second phase;
  • A player cannot be a part of multiple teams within the competition.
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a tool

In the Grand Final, there will be gifts dedicated to the winning team of the tournament, the second-placed team and the best player in the entire competition:

  • Best player in the final: 1 physical copy of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, 2 stickers, a sticker and an Arceus statue;
  • First secret team: 2 stickers, stickers and an Arceus figurine for all team members;
  • 2 ^ Team Ranking: 2 stickers and stickers for all team members;

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