Password trick to ensure our privacy

It is possible to protect WhatsApp conversations with a simple trick. Wiping the eyes will no longer be an issue and privacy will be guaranteed.

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Trying happened to all of us Protect your smartphone And especially WhatsApp chat chats from the eyes. The “privacy” title is delicate, but the security of the content cannot always be guaranteed. You can leave the device unattended to engage in an activity and use it to “interfere” with the person reading the conversation. It would be nice to know that it exists A practical and quick solution This problem will prevent anyone from accessing our personal and sometimes intimate space.

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How to lock WhatsApp, here is the trick

Smartphone security is a priority for many users. We are not just talking about dangerous cyber criminals who can hack your device, but also friends, acquaintances, family and associates Very blinding. Curiosity, which is well known, is a distinctive characteristic of both men and women, which pushes many Occupy the privacy of others.

To protect WhatsApp conversations, you need to know the simple trick that will allow you to increase the security level of the app. Let’s talk about the installation on the device of the applicationCerdura-Oblock“.

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Lock-offlock and that’s it

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The Lock-Applock utility allows you to insert a lock on WhatsApp With password or fingerprint. It works like a lock that can only be opened by those who know the right combination. The usefulness of the app extends not only to WhatsApp, but also to many other apps that can protect it from prying eyes.

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Conversations, photos, documents, everything The file will be protected And protected privacy. With Applock you insert an invisible module, that’s all.

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How to enter password in WhatsApp

The trick to protecting conversations on WhatsApp is, therefore, downloading the Lock-Applock app. To Place the block You must download the application, open it, choose whether to draw an identification and confirm the model, or enter the code. The password can be Changed at any time You need to reinstall Applock to restore it.

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