Pay attention to this, there is a malware inside

An alarm is coming from the Pradio site about the danger of some applications: look closely, there is a malware inside.

New warnings are coming in about some of them Smartphone applications Malware may be harmful to our devices. French site Brady, In fact, it raises the alarm to all navigators and speaks of a genre Malware Invited “The Joker”.

It’s aEating money“It’s a risk to the money of infected smartphones and their owners. The application is now under surveillance and your utmost attention is recommended. What kind of malware is this?” “Joker” And what Application Talking about.

“Joker”: Money-eating malware hidden in the Color Message app

The alarm raised by the French site Bradyo speaks of something real Malware Contains a celebrity Application. Named the money-eating virus “Joker” It’s scary now. Internet users are warned.

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The application is called Color message, And software Smartphone Android Used Download wallpapers and emojis For instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. The warning was raised by a French brady who claimed to be Reported The risk of the application goes directly to Google.

So, advice for owners of smartphones with Android technology Avoid downloading Application on your device. If it is already on the phone, it is a must Uninstall Apply immediately.

How the Joker malware works

Although News The risk of using the “color message” in these two days, The Malware Joker It’s completely unknown. This is a project that will really succeed Infiltrate On users’ devices, it triggers itself Within applications Rarely suspected.

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Once the “victim” application is downloaded, the Joker enters playback mode Activate payment services, Using Personal information Of users. Let’s talk about information like news content and contact list. In this way it manages to comply Subscription services Those who withdraw money directly from the credit on the card.

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Attention, if you have checked that your device is infected with Joker, Do not uninstall Offensive application. In fact, it is advisable Design the smartphone, The malware will still be on the phone even if the application is uninstalled.

Veronica Tucker

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