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Parking is now easier: in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, drivers can now pay their parking fee by mobile phone. With some car manufacturers, payment is possible via the car’s navigation system. Some service providers also offer payment by SMS or phone call

Article dated October 13, 2021

Baris Basoglu from the Municipal Security Service can use the mobile device to check which vehicle has a valid digital parking card. Posters in municipal car parks provide information about the new mobile parking capability.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück (pbm) Now #parking is easier: At Rheda-Wiedenbrück, drivers can now pay #parking fees by #mobile phone. With some car manufacturers, payment is possible via the car’s navigation system. Payment is also made by #SMS or phone call by some service providers.

The driver starts, stops or extends the parking process as he likes in the way he prefers. This eliminates overpayments and warning fees due to expired tickets. The city cooperates with smartparking so that the parking spaces in #Rheda- #Wiedenbrück can be used with the most popular applications. From there, the systems adapt to the urban process. Thus, the city offers another digital service for those interested. Of course, it is still possible to pay with cash and cards at ticket machines. Information about new service providers and instructions for the first steps can be found at the hardware mobile car park.

Background “#smartparking”

Public order office employees learn whether a car has a digital card through the license plate, which they compare to a centralized online system. Tickets can be purchased with a smartphone in more than 200 cities. Among them are Bielefeld, Berlin and Hamburg, for example.

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“Smartparking”?? Digital Parking Management Initiative?? Currently combines offerings of “EasyPark”, “Park now”, “moBiLET” and “Yellowbrick / flowbird.” and “paybyphone”, “Parkster” and “Parco”. This means that drivers in Rheda-Wiedenbrück can use all major platforms in the same way and choose the service that suits them personally.

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