Pays de Fougères: She takes a new career direction thanks to her passion for the game

Angeline is a volunteer prototype tester and might look for players to provide feedback and play with her. (© The Republican Chronicle)

Angelina Godin, 42, married with three children, quit her job in December 2020 after being overworked. resident Saint-Georges de Rentymault He was a consultant for professional integration and supporting disabled workers seeking employment in their integration.

“I found myself in the place of the people I was looking after in my position as a coach, what would I be able to do now, what job would suit me best?”

Angeline Godin

Angelina Godin has had a passion for several years: board games.

“The first confinement has flooded me even more by joining discussion groups on Facebook dedicated to games. I am also a member of an association at Javené La Caverne aux jeux (games for children and adults) where I like to go because every time we discover new games and find ourselves among the enthusiasts and beginners to start “

Angeline Godin

300 board games at home

In August, she created her discussion group “Play Anything” on social media. In November, she chose to work as a freelance home sales representative for Oika-Oika (home entertainment and selling toys to individuals) while waiting to morally climb the ramp and find a redirect.

“I have 300 board games at home! I regularly create live videos with my family and friends presenting the games on“ In games Line Oika Oika 35. ”I took courses thanks to this company and even recently recruited a granddaughter, Ophélie Grenier (also reconfigured) “

Angeline Godin.

Test game

The latter decided to work more in the entertainment sector and landed a part-time job at a game library that was scheduled to begin May 5. Unfortunately, after an accidental fall, she found herself paralyzed in a wheelchair.

A new obstacle? “I chose to view my purity positively to advance more in my desires because I now know that I am completely in my element,” which is positively passionate about the game.

The toy library has offered to keep its job until the end of August, hoping to recover by then, and it clings to this great opportunity.

Meanwhile, Angeline Gaudin is a prototype tester for a volunteer game and is probably looking for players to voice their opinion and play with. Now she is testing the board game « Present the emotion » de Roussignol-Edition (Normandy publisher with his retinue).

“The game is a true source of sharing and coexistence!”

Angeline Godin

Group workshops are on the horizon

At the same time, her project is to develop group workshop proposals for adults or young people through fun and creative experiences (she is in an e-learning training for an art therapy practitioner) on the following topics: self-confidence, supremacy of self-image, preparation for employment …

“In addition, I am thinking about the educational games that will be developed and used! I see this activity as complementary, customized, and close to social structures and integration. It will allow me to promote all my skills, my background and especially convey my enthusiasm!”

Angeline Godin.

The latter wanted to testify to “all the people who do not dare to start” and also to inform her of the news to all the beneficiaries that she was able to accompany them in their directions. “Honestly, it wasn’t easy! The click came to take a step back and my thoughts are flowing now!” Angeline concludes.

Contact: mail: [email protected]; Fake Facebook: Line Gaudin

From our local correspondent Regan Debas

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