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Players Hitman3 Who will buy the game Epic Sports Shop To Buy back Hitman 2 To bring their progress to the new game, even if they already have it on steam. Everything is related to function New access pass Issued by IO Interactive. Here’s how it works.

First, you need to know that you can bring levels from the first game and the second game into Hitman 3. Do it, You need to purchase an access pass: Basically, Access Pass is a type of DLC that covers the levels of older games. If you already have the first two games on the console, theAdmission pass is free. As for the Epic Games Store version, there is a problem.

Hitman 2 is not available in the epic game store, So even if you have already purchased the game on Steam you will not get the access pass for free. We remind you that Hitman 3 is a unique epic timeline for a year.

This means that you must purchase the Hitman 3 access pass separately from Hitman 3 to get Hitman 2 levels within the Hitman 3 levels in the Epic Games Store. Apologize The thing is, IO Interactive has arranged Two offers:

  • Although you do not own Hitman1 At the epic game store, you can get a free pass of Hitman 1 for the first ten days after the release of Hitman 3 (on purchase or pre-order of Hitman 3)
  • Access Pass Hitman 2 80% off for the first 14 days of Hitman 3 release (discounted again in the future)

We remind you of that Move the contents of Hitman 1 to Hitman 3, You must first move the contents of Hitman 1 to Hitman 2 via Legacy Pack: Here are the official questions.

The whole question More complicated than the players wanted, Of course. Finally, we point out that the dimensions of the mandatory Hitman 3 launch pad to be played have been revealed.

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