Persuading customers with digital solutions at the point of sale

When staying in a store, the deciding factor for many customers is whether they perceive the atmosphere as pleasing. In addition to the classic store-fitting elements, such as mood lighting and product range display, employees have a great influence on mood: friendly employees with knowledge of human nature, enjoying products and exchanging ideas with customers play a crucial role in setting yourself apart from the competition. But even if brick-and-mortar retail continues to be a business for people, digital technologies can provide additional incentives or help better emphasize the above characteristics. Mittelstand 4.0 – Retail Competency Center provides an overview of how digitization can enrich the static point of sale:

Display solutions as digital posters

A digital signage solution displays digital images, videos, displays or advertisements. They are one or more displays that help inform and inspire customers. In addition to products and prices, current news about the store or its group can appear on the screens. When used appropriately, the retailer has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the store and thus can increase the length of stay. Digital signage enables retailers to flexibly and individually organize their points of sale.

Immerse yourself in virtual reality

With the help of Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, users can experience the most diverse simulation of reality. Unlike augmented reality (AR) solutions, there is no confusion between analog and digitally generated content. Using the so-called VR glasses, which serve as a common tool for generating virtual reality, a person sees an exclusively digitally created environment. Users can navigate the virtual space and even control objects using gestures. In this way, retailers create unique worlds of experience in their own store. Proprietary software solutions can also create virtual realities via a smartphone, so customers can also discover specific business or products on offer there from home. Virtual reality technologies enable remote shopping experiences.

Use retail analytics

Successful sales of merchandise are often associated with product positioning. However, measuring customer behavior remains a challenge for traditional retailers: which product placement attracts the most attention? How many people remain as visitors, and how many become customers? With the help of special cameras,

3D sensors and tools to analyze road and shelf data detect what customers are receiving and what actions have a positive impact on sales.

Retail shows for digital route navigation system

Many retailers are asking themselves questions about digitization, especially in the current crisis: What digital technologies are right for me and my target audience? What can be useful for different techniques? And how much is it? Mittelstand 4.0’s DigitalNavi Retail (DiNa) – the Center for Retail Competence, spotlighting the jungle of the digital retail world, provides a simple overview. In the next edition of the handelsjournal, we’ll highlight the show as the fourth step in the customer journey. The first part of our series, introducing the tool, can be found here. You can find the second part here.

More information about DiNa Here.

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